Truck drives on road Copyright: © TU Dresden

Adaptive geometric-semantic building model (SFB/TRR 339 digital twin Road)

  Figure segmented bridge Copyright: © gia

PointSemSeg+ (SPP2388 Hundert Plus) - Subproject A01 PointSemSeg+ Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds Using Bayesian Neural Networks for Uncertainty Quantification

  water structure Copyright: © WTM, Schüttumpf

BIMxD-Bauwerksmonitoring - BIM-based structural monitoring of hydraulic structures

  Logo of Project USIN5G Copyright: © gia

USIN5G (Usage Scenarios for Innovation Networks in 5G) - Field of application: Intelligent disaster control (ICS)

  Logo of Project EnEff Copyright: © gia

EnEff:Energy efficient heat - Geoportal-based monitoring of a geothermally fed cold local heating network as a contribution to the heat transition with active user integration

  Process 5G use with cell phone navigation Copyright: © gia

ENOB: N5GEH-LocI4AR - National 5G Energy Hub - Location Intelligence in the Building with 5G for Augmented Reality

  Person acts with VR glasses in the boiler room Copyright: © gia

energyTWIN - Energy Diagnostic Plug Digital Twin

  Tele THW font Copyright: © gia

TeleTHW - Augmented Reality (AR) system designed to streamline the coordination of logistics and the implementation of flood protection measures

  USV on river Copyright: © gia

RiverCloud - UAV/USV tandem system for geodata acquisition to support the management and maintenance of waterways