Working Fields

Gia's areas of work in research and teaching are in the fields of 3D acquisition and modeling, (distributed) geoinformation systems and automatic positioning of people and objects.
Classic geodetic sensors, (mobile) laser scanners, photogrammetry, but also unmanned systems (UAV, USV, walking robots) and sensors built into smartphones are used for data acquisition in the field of digital 2D/3D acquisition and modeling of the built and undeveloped environment. The applications are in the field of building and geoinformation modeling (BIM, GIM/GIS) as well as the construction of digital twins, for which gia is developing novel data-driven approaches (e.g. for automatic model derivation). Other areas of work include (distributed) geoinformation systems and the development of (spatial) data analysis methods ( for example, geostatistical methods), the development of (geo) data infrastructures and geospatial IoT. In the field of precise automatic positioning of people and objects, gia primarily develops methods for GNSS-free or GNSS-interfered environments ( for example indoor positioning) as well as for the further development of mobile mixed and cross reality (MR/XR).

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